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You are your children’s parent no matter what. Just because your relationship with your spouse or co-parent is over, it does not mean your love and hopes for your kids will ever end. Instead, getting divorced means you and your ex must figure out what new living arrangement for the children is best.

Even with the best intentions, Kansas City parents need strong legal representation to handle child custody and child support matters properly. Talbert Law LLC is here to help with child custody and support, whether you are getting divorced or not. Our founding attorney, Will Talbert, understands your concerns as a parent. He can ease your worries by explaining your parental rights and obligations and how he will fight to protect them.

What Is Missouri’s Rebuttable Child Custody Presumption?

The primary concern in any custody case is the best interests of the child. Missouri recently changed the law to create a rebuttable presumption that parents sharing equal, or nearly equal, custody is in a child’s best interests. While this is true in many cases, split custody is not always appropriate. Will carefully examines the evidence in each case, listens carefully to the client’s preferences, and proceeds accordingly. If you think that sole custody is the safest and best option, he will work to make your goals a reality.

How Child Custody Is Determined

Child custody is mostly determined by a formula that includes factors like the parents’ monthly incomes, the number of children they have together, and child-related expenses like day care and health insurance. However, the court can choose to order higher or lower custody payments, depending on the particular situation. Will works hard to ensure that child support is fair and sustainable for his clients.

Name Changes And Parental Permission

When a minor living in Missouri wants to change their name, they must get their parents’ written consent. This is often related to sexual transition. If one parent objects, it may be necessary to work with an attorney. Will Talbert can help you and your child in this sensitive dispute.

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